Besides Okinawa, Japan, the place where people live the longest in the world is Guanacaste, where we are!

IMG_1121Meet our friend Plinio, high in his 80’s, and still going strong, and happy!

He stays active all day long; taking his cattle back and forth to different grazing pastures and water, chopping wood, and walking all over town.

He eats rice and beans, vegetables, and fruits from his land; his own chickens’ eggs, and chicken and pork meat from animals they raise.

He doesn’t worry too much about things he can’t control, and appreciates just waking up each morning to another day.


Stay at Pura Vida House and learn from the community around us how to add happy years to your life:

– Our water is magic – high levels of calcium/magnesium – associated with longevity.

– Our neighbors are always smiling. Vitamin S (smile!) fortifies you the entire day.

– They also move quite a bit, walking or riding a bike everywhere.

– And are healthy eaters. In Guanacaste, organic, healthy and simple foods are much cheaper than fast food, so eating healthy is the default.

Many centenarians have been asked what’s the recipe for long and happy lives, here’s the most common answer:

“Everything in moderation; and the best remedy for depression, is doing something for somebody else”.