Comprehensive Guide to the 7 Provinces of Costa Rica

If you are curious about visiting Costa Rica, then start with this guide by The Pura Vida House about the 7 Provinces of Costa Rica. Find out what you need to know to ensure your visit here is all and more that you expect it to be. If you have heard about Costa Rica and [...]

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Costa Rica Family Vacations | Tips for Traveling with Kids

If you are looking into planning your family vacation in Costa Rica, then this guide offers you feedback on traveling with kids and how best to organize your trip to ensure your experience goes above and beyond expectations! It is no doubt that Costa Rica is one of the most sought after destinations in the [...]

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Golf in Tamarindo

Golf Courses in Tamarindo, Costa Rica Find and play some of the best golf near Tamarindo at Haciena Pinilla resort in Costa Rica. Travelers visiting Tamarindo in Costa Rica can find top-notch golf available just a 30-minute drive towards the South in Hacienda Pinilla. An estate-like, gated community of private homes and villas, Hacienda Pinilla [...]

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Booking Guide for Flights to Costa Rica

How to Book a Flight to Costa Rica The Pura Vida House offers this Booking Guide for tourists planning their next trip to Costa Rica. Find up to date information on how to book flights to Costa Rica during the Covid-19 pandemic along with other helpful information to help tourists maximize their travel experience. As [...]

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All Inclusive Pickleball Vacations

Affordable and Personalized All Inclusive Pickleball Vacations Pura Vida House in Costa Rica Offers All Inclusive Pickleball Vacation Packages Personalized for Fans and Players. Pura Vida House in Costa Rica is excited to announce available all-inclusive vacation packages that are personalized for the Pickleball community. Whether one is an avid Pickleball competitor or just a [...]

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Costa Rica All Inclusive Villas

Costa Rica All Inclusive Villas and Vacation Packages The Pura Vida House offers All Inclusive Villas in Costa Rica located in the Hacienda Pinilla resort. Guests can customize all inclusive vacation packages based on personal preference. Pura Vida House is among the top of the Costa Rica all inclusive villas. We offer packages that cover [...]

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Costa Rica Opens Borders to all 50 US States | COVID-19 Update

Many American tourists once looking forward to a warm, beach getaway in Costa Rica this summer are now wondering when the travel ban due to COVID-19 will come to an end. As of September 1, 2020, the Tourism Board announced that it would be opening its borders for travel from 9 states in the U.S.; [...]

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The Planet after COVID-19

How COVID-19 Will Change the Planet There will certainly be a before and after with this pandemic. This is about the planet after COVID-19 and how the human species became sick, but the planet started healing. For many years, climate scientists have been speaking about the destructive consequences of humans on the planet, the mistreatment we have [...]

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