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45 Life Lessons

Our past guest and dear friend, Yoga Mike, forwarded us last week 45 life lessons written by 90-year-old Regina Brett, who's a writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Check them out, it'll only take you a minute to read, we loved them, and wanted to share with you!   <BR><BR><BR> Read Regina's 45 mini life [...]

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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Pura Vida House offers the top experience of Costa Rica vacation rentals, with the most personalized experience, and located in a top private beach resort When looking for Costa Rica vacation rentals, we’d like to present to you our Pura Vida House at Hacienda Pinilla Resort -  It’s a luxury [...]

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Costa Rica Vacation Packages 

Costa Rica Vacation Packages Pura Vida House offers some of the most personalized, private luxury Costa Rica vacation packages in the country Are you looking for an unforgettable vacation, Costa Rica vacation packages where all details and logistics are taken care of, and all you have to do is have fun?  We got that vacation [...]

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Houses for Rent in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Houses for Rent in Tamarindo Costa Rica Some of the most luxurious and resort style houses for rent in Tamarindo Costa Rica are in Hacienda Pinilla, a nature-filled, high-end resort. And Pura Vida House is the #1 rated high-end villa in the world on TripAdvisor Some of the most luxurious and resort style houses for [...]

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