Best Places to Watch Sunset in and around Tamarindo Beach

2022-02-05T13:17:09+00:00December 7th, 2021|

No matter what your reasons are for coming to Costa Rica, whether for fun and fitness, adventure, nature, or relaxation, one of the most special things to do in Guanacaste Costa Rica is to sit back and enjoy the sunset. Tourists and locals alike treat this golden hour as a daily tradition, asking friends “where [...]

Personal Concierge Services Make Your Vacation At Pura Vida House Unique

2022-04-29T19:23:10+00:00November 3rd, 2021|

At Pura Vida House, we offer our guests a true vacation, free from the stress of planning and finding your bearings in a new place. Personal concierge services offer our guests a turnkey and stress free vacation experience like no other. Our experience can be your experience at Pura Vida House! We have carefully incorporated [...]

Real Costa Rica Weather During Green Season

2021-10-27T17:16:19+00:00October 27th, 2021|

When people hear the term “rainy season”, they picture cloudy days and nights, torrential downpours, mudslides, and floods, but the Costa Rica rainy season varies from coast to coast and inland to coastal locations. The real Costa Rica weather during rainy season may not be as bad as you think. May through November is considered [...]

New Covid-19 Entry and Exit Requirements for Costa Rica

2021-08-27T21:19:13+00:00August 27th, 2021|

Quickly understand the most up-to-date travel advice for visiting Costa Rica during Covid-19 in this article. The world is certainly in a much better place than it was one year ago, but Corona Virus continues to linger and evolve, now with the new Delta variant taking the media’s spot light. This article services to help [...]

Luxury Experiential Travel in Costa Rica

2021-07-22T21:16:53+00:00July 22nd, 2021|

The tourism market has certainly noticed a shift in consumer mentality when it comes to vacationing and global travel. Experiential Travel is now the buzz that voyagers are looking for. Visit The Pura Vida House in Costa Rica for your next Experiential Travel vacation. What is Experiential Travel? Experiential Travel is defined in a wide [...]

Luxury Hacienda Pinilla Vacation Rentals

2021-06-03T15:11:23+00:00May 3rd, 2021|

If you are looking for a place to call home during your visit in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, then you definitely want to consider the Hacienda Pinilla Resort. Find the best beaches, scenic views and wildlife, excellent golf, 5-star hotels, and all-inclusive villa experiences for your party to enjoy the time of their life.   Offering [...]

Luxury Group Vacation Packages to Costa Rica

2021-07-15T16:18:44+00:00April 29th, 2021|

If you are heading to Costa Rica for your next vacation, then consider an All-Inclusive, Luxury Vacation for your group. Travelers that are looking for an all-inclusive experience without the hassle of itemized planning can certainly benefit from the convenience of a Vacation Package tailored and catered by the Concierge Staff at The Pura Vida [...]

5 Best Excursions in Guanacaste

2021-04-26T16:02:13+00:00April 26th, 2021|

Just a 40-minute drive away from LIR Airport (LIR), Guanacaste is an extremely popular province to visit for most tourists coming to Costa Rica. If you are staying in Guanacaste or just passing through and looking for some adventure, then check out these five popular excursions for you and your group. With numerous activities accessible [...]

Surfing in Costa Rica 101 (The Best Surf Spots)

2021-07-15T15:28:01+00:00April 19th, 2021|

If you are traveling with your surfboard, then Costa Rica is likely on your itinerary to catch the best waves in Central America. This guide explores the best surfing spots to visit on your next trip to Costa Rica. As we are into the spring and coming summer months, many are planning their travels to [...]

A Complete Guide to Visiting Liberia, Costa Rica

2021-07-15T15:33:08+00:00April 9th, 2021|

If you are planning to visit Liberia in Costa Rica, then have a quick review of this Guide by The Pura Vida House so you can understand what you are in for. Understand the most popular activities and sites to see, restaurants and bars, and places to stay. Why You Should Visit Liberia, Costa Rica [...]

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