Costa Rica All Inclusive Villas

Costa Rica All Inclusive Villas and Vacation Packages The Pura Vida House offers All Inclusive Villas in Costa Rica located in the Hacienda Pinilla resort. Guests can customize all inclusive vacation packages based on personal preference. Pura Vida House is among the top of the Costa Rica all inclusive villas. We offer packages that cover [...]

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Costa Rica Opens Borders to all 50 US States | COVID-19 Update

Many American tourists once looking forward to a warm, beach getaway in Costa Rica this summer are now wondering when the travel ban due to COVID-19 will come to an end. As of September 1, 2020, the Tourism Board announced that it would be opening its borders for travel from 9 states in the U.S.; [...]

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The Planet after COVID-19

How COVID-19 Will Change the Planet There will certainly be a before and after with this pandemic. This is about the planet after COVID-19 and how the human species became sick, but the planet started healing. For many years, climate scientists have been speaking about the destructive consequences of humans on the planet, the mistreatment we have [...]

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Best Beach Areas in Costa Rica

Guancaste, Costa Rica: Best Beach Areas in the Golden Coast Guanacaste is definitely one of the best beach areas in Costa Rica, located along the Pacific Ocean. Guanacaste is one of seven provinces of Costa Rica. San Jose, Heredia, Alajuela, Cartago, Puntarenas and Limon are the others, all of them, with beautiful places to explore and [...]

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Health benefits of the ocean

Health Benefits of Living by the Ocean 'Vitamin sea' is good for your physical, mental and emotional health. The amazing health benefits of the ocean are related to the amount of minerals in seawater.  Have you heard of thalassotherapy? It is an alternative method used to heal and prevent sickness with seawater. Some of its [...]

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Ever wonder what your experience at Pura Vida House would be like?

Want to know what the experience at Pura Vida House is like? Here is the voice of Sabrina Must, writer and blogger.    Click Here to read about her experience at Pura Vida House, where as she said, you stay "to have the best of both worlds: the hustle and bustle of Tamarindo (20-minute drive north) for food, [...]

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Costa Rica Luxury Rental Homes

Luxury Rental Homes in Costa Rica Pura Vida House is a high-end Costa Rica private luxury rental home- Pura Vida House personalized luxury vacations If you’re looking for Costa Rica luxury rental homes, check out Pura Vida House – - located inside Costa Rica’s most exclusive resort, Hacienda Pinilla. There are many Costa Rica [...]

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Costa Rica Real Estate Rentals

Amazing Real Estate Rentals in Guanacaste, Costa Rica Costa Rica real estate rentals are plentiful, stay in our top-rated luxury villa - Pura Vida House, in Hacienda Pinilla Looking for Costa Rica real estate rentals?  Coming to Costa Rica on a vacation?  We’d like to invite you to our beautiful, high-end villa: the Pura Vida [...]

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