Costa Rica, a tropical paradise nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, offers many choices for travelers seeking an unforgettable vacation. When deciding where to stay, the options often include all-inclusive resorts or rental condos and villas. But what if you want the best of both worlds? Let’s explore the top five reasons why choosing an all-inclusive resort villa like Pura Vida House over a traditional all-inclusive resort or rental condo in the surrounding Tamarindo beaches is the key to a truly exceptional Costa Rican experience.

1. Unparalleled Luxury and Privacy

Pura Vida House is an all-inclusive vacation rental in the exclusive resort community of Hacienda Pinilla. situated on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Hacienda Pinilla is a gated resort community that boasts luxurious accommodations, including private villas and homes. Opting for this unique community on 4,500 acres of historic ranch property, with pristine beaches and untouched natural landscapes offers guests room to roam and experience total tranquility. With 24/7 security, this resort community ensures unparalleled luxury and privacy, far surpassing the offerings of traditional all-inclusive resorts or rental condos in the surrounding beach towns.

While all-inclusive resorts may provide a variety of amenities, Hacienda Pinilla takes it a step further with private villas like Pura Vida House that offer a level of exclusivity and intimacy unmatched by larger establishments. Escape the crowds and revel in the privacy of your own slice of paradise, where you can enjoy the lush surroundings and pristine beaches without the hustle and bustle associated with large resorts and vacation rentals found in the nearby Tamarindo beaches.

2. Customized Culinary Experiences with a Private Chef

One standout feature of Pura Vida House and a guest favorite is the option to have a private chef, offering a culinary experience tailored to your preferences. While all-inclusive resorts may provide buffet-style dining options, the exclusivity of having an all-inclusive vacation rental with a private chef in your villa elevates your vacation to new heights.

Indulge in the flavors of Costa Rica with a finely crafted menu that showcases the finest local ingredients. From breakfast on your private terrace to family-style dinners at the dining table, the culinary experience at Pura Vida House transcends the standard offerings of all-inclusive resorts.

3. Top-Notch Amenities and Recreational Activities

The resort community boasts an array of top-notch amenities and abundant recreational facilities, including the Beach Club, which features an onsite restaurant, an ocean-view gym with free weekly yoga, and a 160-foot lagoon-style infinity swimming pool. The Beach Club, perfect for watching the sunset, leads right into the gorgeous white sands of Avellanas Beach.

Pura Vida House in Hacienda Pinilla is perfect for those seeking a blend of relaxation and fun. The resort community offers an array of recreational activities, including an 18-hole championship golf course, dedicated tennis courts and pickleball courts, equestrian facilities, a water sports center, and miles of pristine beaches. Unlike the limited activities offered at some all-inclusive resorts, Hacienda Pinilla encourages guests to tailor their experiences to suit their preferences.

From thrilling water sports like surfing to mountain biking on 25 miles of trail to serene horseback rides along the beach, the options are diverse and cater to both adrenaline enthusiasts and those seeking a more tranquil escape. Additionally, guests are welcome at the nearby JW Marriot resort’s spas and 12 bars and restaurants, and the renowned Rythmia Life Advancement Center.

Discover everything on offer at the Hacienda Pinilla beach resort community

4. Exclusive Access to 3 Beautiful Beaches

Guests of Pura Vida House don’t even have to leave the property to reach three beautiful beaches. The private resort community of Hacienda Pinilla sits on three miles of the Pacific coastline, encompassing the beautiful beaches of Playa Avellanas, Playa Langosta, and Playa Mansita.

Located right in front of Hacienda Pinilla’s impressive Beach Club, Playa Avellanas is a popular choice for surfers and beach lovers alike. Here you can find the famous “Little Hawaii” surf spot. Playa Langosta’s long, quiet beach is perfect for sunset strolls. With no parking lot, Langosta can only be accessed by the public by walking through a forest trail, so it does not get too busy. Playa Mansita is a relatively unknown beach that offers a peaceful spot for relaxation, strolls, or just lying on the beach enjoying the view. Come low tide, you can witness the ocean floor’s porous rocks reveal themselves, forming tide pools that make this beach known for snorkeling.

While there are no private beaches in Costa Rica, the special access to these three beautiful beaches gives guests a sense of exclusivity that can only be found at Hacienda Pinilla.

5. Flexibility and Independence

Staying at Pura Vida House in the resort community of Hacienda Pinilla provides the freedom to create a tailor-made vacation experience. Unlike all-inclusive resorts, where schedules and dining options may be predetermined, Hacienda Pinilla allows guests to set their own pace. The flexible nature of our all-inclusive resort villa with a private chef allows our visitors to design their daily itinerary, choosing activities, dining times, and relaxation moments according to their preferences.

This level of independence is particularly appealing when compared to the structured nature of all-inclusive resort vacations. Whether you’re looking for a romantic couples retreat, a family adventure, or a group getaway, Hacienda Pinilla offers the flexibility to customize your stay for a truly unforgettable experience.

When it comes to hospitality, Pura Vida House in Hacienda Pinilla stands out as a premier destination that goes beyond the offerings of all-inclusive resorts and rental condos in the neighboring Tamarindo beaches in Costa Rica. The unparalleled luxury, customized culinary experiences, abundant recreational activities, exclusive access to three beautiful beaches, and the freedom to design your own itinerary make Pura Vida House the ultimate choice for those seeking an extraordinary Costa Rican escape.

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Blog by: Jennifer LaCharite – Costa Consultants, International