We have been asked this week to post some photos of birds that we have seen in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.  As you may know, Guanacaste has many types of birds, and in the town on Paso Hondo, where Pura Vida House is located , we have seen close to 60 different types of birds.

We also see quite a variety at Hacienda Pinilla while playing tennis or golf there.  Here are some of the birds that we have seen and been able to photograph lately:

Masked tityra 6 (702x468)Wilson's warbler 2 (772x520)explore1



And unrelated to Costa Rica, but related to birds nonetheless, the other day we went out to play tennis here in Columbus, Ohio and saw a hawk up close on the tennis court.  This guy literally watched us play tennis, and when we got close to take several photos, he did not mind it at all.  We got up to a yard in proximity several times, and he did not even move.  He would just look at us and pose!  Here’s one of the best photos that we took:

We were so amazed at this, especially considering that he was just feet away from the court, on the fence.  It’s good that he did not mistake us for food, or else we might not be telling you this story right now …

So long from Pura Vida House in sunny Guanacaste!  We hope to see you soon at our B&B in Costa Rica!

Mani & Sindy

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