For teachers, or those who lead or care for school-aged children, consider this opportunity to enrich the lives of your students and those of the people of Paso Hondo, Costa Rica.

Community Service and Enrichment Trips to Pura Vida House can be arranged with us throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more at

Here is a sample itinerary of one of these trips.





Notes: pre travel packet will be mailed separately to each student and teachers 6-8 weeks before the trip. Service trips are set-up for 7 days, but can be extended additional days.


  1. Create a long-term partnership – with the Paso Hondo community, especially the local school.
  2. Leave the week with a concrete accomplishment – a project that the group developed alongside members of the local community; that will benefit the local community.
  3. Cultural Exploration – start a passion for exploring foreign cultures, cultural exchanges create positive energy!
  4. Personal Growth – push students’ boundaries, try new activities, and have fun doing so!
  5. Learn more about the problems of the world – instill in students that they are part of a global community and they are global citizens.
  6. Respect – conduct ourselves as ambassadors of our school, city, state and country.


Land in Guanacaste, Costa Rica and meet your Pura Vida House guides. Then drive through the tropical dry forest landscape and head straight to our favorite oasis with waterfalls for photos and a swim – welcome to Costa Rica!

Get settled at Pura Vida House, have your orientation and first local Costa Rican dinner; watch (and dance!) to typical marimba music under the stars.

DAYS 2 – 6
Mornings – Local Costa Rican breakfast to start the day with energy! 2-3 hours working on a pre-established community service project, designed to strengthen the local community. Our projects are designed so foreign and local students work with each other, to maximize partnerships and friendships. Lunch (a typical Costa Rican Casado, yummy!), quick siesta or dip in the pool.

Afternoons – Discover some of the many exciting activities Guanacaste has to offer. Students pick from a variety of guided activities and excursions (rainforest hikes, zip lines, snorkeling, giant turtle excursion, scarlet macaws excursion, Miravalles Volcano excursion, horseback riding, mangrove boat ride, visiting different beaches, kayaking, rappelling, hot springs, surfing lessons, bird watching, tennis lessons, hiking, Spanish lessons, yoga lessons, local hand pottery lessons, etc.)

Evenings – typical Costa Rican dinner, then relax on the terrace, play foosball or cards games. Everyone to bed early to start the next day fresh!

Say goodbye to your Pura Vida House guides and fly back to the US. Time to leave Costa Rica and your on-the-ground projects behind, but be sure to bring back the “pura vida” attitude, great memories and perspective on the world and your place in it.

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