Food Can’t Get More Local at Pura Vida House
It’s hard to find good quality, responsibly-raised, local and organic food these days. It seems like processed and chemical-filled are the defaults.
But at Pura Vida House, our meals are organic, fresh and almost all ingredients come from within 500 yards of our house!

Come enjoy a week of the Pura Vida House lifestyle (and diet!), and see how good it feels to eat fresh. The diet here in Guanacaste is a big part of why our area is one of the world’s “blue zones” of long life expectancy.

Fruits, Vegetables and Beans
… are grown in our neighbor’s (and our!) yard – black beans, red beans, plantains, watermelon, papaya, mango, oranges, lemons and limes, guava, and more are grown here, and all without chemicals.
Coconut water, nature’s IV, abounds.

Enjoy these foods daily on the Pura Vida House diet!

Fresh and Free Range Chicken, Eggs and Fish
Chickens have free roam here, and lay their eggs where they please. Enjoy these “criollo” ffresh eggs at breatkfast each morning.

Grassfed beef is the default here in Guanacaste (and our yard, occasionally, when the cows break in!), and fresh seafood comes from mere miles from the house.