Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share an article I just read on yahoo.com about the global warming debate that has been going on for quite a while now. Here’s the article link:


I guess my brief comment to the article and expressing how we all feel in the Sports for Nature Team is, we should all probably act as if (independent of scientific data and all debates), our environment is facing problems and what could it hurt if we all takes steps to insure a safe and healthy planet for the future? Through Sports for Nature we obviously hope that the sporting world does take those green steps.

Sports are passion. Millions of people participate in this passion, passion that makes people cry, jump in joy, smile, faint, and even hate. Let’s harness a small portion of this passion we all feel for sports and use it to help nature. Why wouldn’t we?

The Sports for Nature Team continues with a busy week filled with exciting plans to grow several new initiatives and events that we are planning. Plus, promotion of our golf and tennis trips to Costa Rica is in full force. We can’t wait to be in Costa Rica having fun with some amazing people!

I’ll be in touch soon to provide environmentally friendly updates.

Go environment!

Kind regards,

Jorge Morera

Sports for Nature = Protecting Nature Through Sports

Healthier people in a healthier world.