One of our most popular vacations in Costa Rica are golf trips here at Pura Vida House, groups of guys or gals that come to Costa Rica to simply play a ton of golf and have a great time.  And there is a good reason why. Playing with us, you save quite a bit of money.  This is something special that we offer to all our guests at Pura Vida House.  We play the Hacienda Pinilla golf course non-stop because of our love for the game, it’s a breathtaking course, and Pura Vida House is located only 6 miles from the course.    

I am not going to lie, Hacienda Pinilla is a tough course, but man, it’s majestic.  Ocean holes # 14 and 15 will make you want to move to Guanacaste so you can golf in Costa Rica every week.  Here’s a photo from hole # 15 (if you fly the green you will find yourself hitting a shot from THE REAL BEACH!):


In almost every hole, the tee shot is relatively easy, with wide open fairways.  But the 2nd or 3rd shots into the green are usually tough, with greens that are well guarded by bunkers, leaving little margin for error.  I would say this is a fair golf course that rewards distance players, but also accuracy around the greens.  I’m not a distance player, so playing from the blue tees leaves me a small margin for error.  My chipping and putting need to be good since it’s not easy for me to reach GIR.  White tees are easier for me, but I have graduated from the white tees now, my only options now are blue or the championship black tees, but those I figured I am not ready for yet!

So come on down and vacation in Costa Rica, I hope you can stay at our Pura Vida House, and if you want to play golf at Hacienda Pinilla, you’ll save good money and be treated like a regular golfer there!

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