Today I was playing tennis and a kid that was playing on the court right next to me saw the Sports for Nature t-shirt that I had on and asked what that was, and if it was a fun place located in the United States. I thought that was funny and told him that yes, Sports for Nature was a place in the United States (I guess technically the Sports for Nature offices are based in Reston, Virginia, he he). Then I explained to him that it was a place where sports and nature are combined to help the squirrels, polar bears, all kinds of dogs, and even the trees that were right by the court he was playing on. When I told him that, his eyes grew big and he told his dad that he really wanted to go to the Sports for Nature place to play tennis!

Needless to say, I laughed quite a bit and thought that it would be really cool if someday soon I can say that Sports for Nature is everywhere, not only in the US, but also in the rest of the world, in every stadium, in sporting stores, in different sporting leagues in many cities, etc., and always with the objective of raising funds for great environmental organizations and earning their trust.

This is the common goal that we are working towards, growing Sports for Nature so that it starts making a major change in the way we all view sports, and give sports its most important mission in history – helping to save the planet!

This week the Sports for Nature Team was as busy as ever, we are working on a new section for our Webpage but I don’t want to give out the details yet, it’s a surprise and you’ll have to wait and see what it is when it’s live on the site. Hint: it involves combining sports and the environment of course, and bringing together a shared vision with lots of support from outside parties.

Also, this Friday night is Party for Nature at Tattoo Bar benefiting the fabulous Chesapeake Bay Foundation, a local charity! You should expect the same as other Party for Nature’s, lots of good music, food, great company and dancing. I am sorry to report that the polar bear will not be making an appearance this time, he’s currently in Alaska, but no worries, he’ll be back soon once it starts getting cold here in the DC area.

In fact, he’ll be back in October in Arlington, as the next Party for Nature is at the wildly popular bar in Arlington, Mister Days. More details to come on that one. Besides San Jose, Costa Rica, this is the first time Party for Nature is not held in Washington, DC. We’re looking forward to introducing Arlingtonians to the polar bear and the concept of having fun while protecting the environment. A win-win situation.

Ok, gotta go now. As always, if you know anyone that loves golf or tennis and traveling, please forward them to our site for more info on the Costa Rica tennis and golf trips. The first one is coming up soon in December!

Have a great night and a wonderful rest of the week; and hope to see you on Friday night at Party for Nature at Tattoo Bar in the heart of K Street!

Go green!

Kind regards,

Jorge Morera

Sports for Nature = The most fun you will ever have protecting nature!

“Healthier people in a healthier world”

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