Here are some kind words a recent guest had about his stay at Pura Vida House. A good overview of our town, its people, and the things you will experience and learn while you are here visiting with us on your unique vacation to Costa Rica:

There’s something I’ve been meaning to write about quickly since we got back from Costa Rica. Most of our time spent off the court was in a small town called Paso Hondo. This is a town of one hundred people at most.

Very few of these people own any kind of vehicle, they opt for walking or biking instead. The roads there are unpaved and most of their homes are what people in America would refer to as “shacks”. No air conditioning, no hot water (when running water is present) and many of the floors are dirt.

In spite of those things these people have something that the vast majority of Americans truly envy: happiness. They aren’t stressed, they don’t rush about, and the overall cultural feel is one of calmness and content. Every day they eat fresh fruit that falls from the trees, manage their chickens, cows and horses, and complete whatever small tasks they can to earn a bit of money since very few people are employed.

This town is categorized as a “blue zone” because the people there live much longer lives than average. I met more than one person in their 90s who I would have never guessed was over 70 years of age. Still very physically active, alert, and completely healthy.

Their mantra is “Pura Vida” which translated literally means “pure life”. They use this to say hello, goodbye, make an exclamation of joy or in just about any other context.

The life lessons that can be learned from these people are amazing and I feel so blessed that my family and I got to spend two weeks there. Thank you, Jorge Morera, for the amazing experience!

Pura vida!