I hope you are doing well and life is good! The Sports for Nature Team is busy as always, people are registering for our tennis and golf trips to Costa Rica and in a week and a half we have a big concert (our first concert by the way!), with El Parque, a legendary group from Costa Rica. Things are looking good right now and tickets are selling well so we are excited and can’t wait to have lots of fun listening to El Parque’s old hits as well as their brand new album!

The Sports for Nature Team is also going to Costa Rica right after the concert for the Tennis Clinics for Nature event with ex ATP Tour Pro player Juan Antonio Marin. This event benefits a new organization that we have not partnered with before – Fundación Keto. They have vital projects in Osa Peninsula, the southern part of Costa Rica. These projects provide the necessary tools to local communities to make a profit from environmental services, so that nature wins and they win as well. I think that’s the way it should always be, or at least most of the time. It’s a bit unrealistic to lock nature; instead it might make more sense to make good use of it with good input from scientists and locals keeping busy and making money to support their families.

After the events mentioned above coming up, we hit the ground running again and get ready for Golf for Nature and a Party for Nature at Tattoo Bar in mid August. The polar bear as always, will make one of his famous appearances and make the crowd go wild.

I’ve always been amazed at the concept of Sports for Nature in the sense that it provides people with very fun moments and without even noticing it, we are all directly helping the environment. That is the fuel that makes us work so hard at growing the Sports for Nature concept every day, helping nature while making people have fun and smile. After all, life is short and putting smiles on people’s faces is priceless. And putting a “smile” on an animal, is beyond that, it’s heavenly 

Lastly, in the past couple of weeks I want to thank all the people that have written to us and given us incredible suggestions on what new sporting events to produce that we can tie to nature. Special thanks go out to Kelly for the very original suggestions. I think we will follow-up on some of the suggestions. Please keep on sending us ideas, the Sports for Nature Team welcomes your feedback and truly appreciates it!

I gotta run now, friends are waiting for me at a restaurant next door to have dinner and relax for a while.

Go green, go Sports for Nature!

Saludos cordiales a todos!


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