The more time I spend here in Costa Rica, and specifically around Paso Hondo, our town here in Guanacaste, the more and more excited I get about all of the wildlife and birds we have on our doorstep. If you intend to vacation in Costa Rica for the vast aray of Costa Rican birds, Pura Vida House is definitely for you.  Just two days ago, I found and photographed five new birds to me!

My father in-law is like this, but with trees, and only that he’s an expert (he has a PhD!). He has been enouraging me to document the specific birds here, just in and around Paso Hondo, rather than the guides you can buy for all of Costa Rica, or certain regions like Northwest Costa Rica. This way, our guests who are just on vacation in Costa Rica can cut though the clutter and have a better idea of exactly what beautiful birds they are seeing.

We also have a group of universtiy students coming out this August to do bird researd specifically for Paso Hond, perfect timing. I will be in Ohio for August, but hopefully my Birds of Paso Hondo field guide can be of use to them. Here’s a screen shot of page 1:

Bird GuideSo far I have about 55 diferent species of birds photographed 75 confirmed as being seen here, and I’ve spotted and identified at least 70!

So come have your vacation in Costa Rica here at Pura Vida House; a Costa Rican Bird watcher’s paradise!

– Stephanie Morera

Pura Vida!