Due to the recent and wild success of Party for Nature at Tattoo Bar a few weeks ago, a new party has just been announced by the Sports for Nature Team at the same location. And guess what, the Polar Bear is back!

Yes, you heard it right, party starts at 9pm but around midnight on Friday the 22nd, the Alaska Wilderness League (AWL) dancing polar bear is back at Tattoo Bar for another Party for Nature. We promise you it will be the most fun you will ever have protecting nature!

Here are more details regarding the upcoming Party for Nature:

The exclusive “Polar Bear Cocktail” is available all night for only $5 and we will also be celebrating the birthdays of Sasha Parker and Enrique Castella, among others

The Sports for Nature Team would like to extend a special THANK YOU, because due to the generosity of Tattoo Bar and all other bars and promoters that have kindly hosted Party for Nature events, so far we have provided thousands of dollars in contributions to green organizations. And most importantly, a big thank you to you, for attending our events and making Party for Nature possible, and fun.

Visit the AWL world: http://www.alaskawild.org

Visit the Party for Nature world: http://www.sportsfornature.com/party

Also, details coming soon about our 1st ever “Halloween Party for Nature” at Mister Days in Arlington. Very exciting!

The Sports for Nature Team is also happy to announce that the December tennis and golf trips to Costa Rica have sold out already. January is close to selling out and we’re also looking pretty good for February and March. Seems like the combination of a world-class environmentally friendly resort like Paradisus Playa Conchal, two great sports such as tennis and golf and an appealing country like Costa Rica is a hit with everyone!

Can’t say thank you enough times to everyone that sends us great feedback regarding sports and the environment on a daily basis. We truly appreciate it and are humbled by your support and great ideas.

Go green! Have a fun weekend everyone!

Sports for Nature = Protecting the Environment through Sports

For more on Sports for Nature’s golf and tennis trips to Costa Rica please visit: www.sportsfornature.com/trips

For more on Sports for Nature’s Party for Nature soirees please visit: www.sportsfornature.com/party