Hi, hope you are having a productive week, but also setting time aside to have some fun! At Sports for Nature we are keeping quite busy the last couple of days organizing logistics for Tennis for Nature at Regency Sport & Health Club on Saturday, May 21st. We expect a ton of players from around the DC area so should be a fun time. To view the event page on the United States Tennis Association Website, please go to: www.SportsForNature.com/Regency.

We have also been working on a brand new brochure to present our tennis trips to Costa Rica. We have added new benefits and the pricing levels have also been updated to fit everyone’s needs. We are already looking forward to many tennis trips starting in December to Paradisus Playa Conchal! And golf trips too!

Wanted to mention that the other day one of my colleagues came across an article about sporting activities that damage the environment on Treehugger.com, here’s the link to the article:


It talks about several sporting activities such as car racing and skydiving; that require excessive burning of fossil fuels to practice. In the case of Nascar gas used by race cars, and with skydiving fuel for the plane.

While this is very true, I think that we should try to minimize the impact these activities have on the environment. Perhaps a small tax can be created and added to the ticket price that fans pay to practice or watch these sports. This tax would go entirely towards to a green charity which in turn can purchase land for conservation. Imagine if we add $1 to the ticket price that you pay for a sports event, such as a soccer match (which was also mentioned in the list of damaging sporting activities due to thousands of people driving to the stadium). A dollar would not make that much of a difference to you, but if we add up 50,000 fans in a match x $1 that’s $50K that goes to conservation. And that’s just one game! There are thousands of games daily all over the world.

Anyways, thought I would comment on this as our daily goal at Sports for Nature is to look for ways to unite Sports and Planet Earth. We believe that there is a way for people to continue to enjoy their favorite sports for many years to come, and also enjoy nature, minimizing negative impact to the planet; and not only minimize the impact, but actually helping make this wonderful planet a better place to live in.

I promise that at Sports for Nature we will continue to try to find win-win situations involving sports and nature, and use all the resources we have towards achieving this goal!

Thank you for all your support and have a fun week!

All the best,

Jorge Morera

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