Tennis Vacations in Costa RicaOn A Tennis Team but Can’t Find a Way To Win?

You (or you and your partner) practice really hard during the week, but get to the match and the result is always the same, you lose the darn match … no matter how close it is!

Your frustration is building up and now you have started to question your coach, training methods, and even the sport of tennis!

I know how tough it is to feel good about your game when you keep losing match after match. But, there is a solution to this.

The key to ending a slump is belief, and having a plan to end it. The good news is that all slumps do end. Here’s 5 tips:

  • Consider playing players that are weaker or have a style of play that you like … gain some confidence.
  • Repeat to yourself over and over during matches: no free points! This means making your opponent(s) earn every point. If they do, then that’s too good, but many times, when you make your opponent(s) earn majority of points, you will come away with a W!
  • Stop “thinking” about your shots and technique and try to go on “auto pilot”. Turn your mind off and simply let your body do what it was able to do before.
  • Strive for a performance of low errors and low winners. Many times we get in slumps because we go for too much in matches. Sometimes simply keeping balls in will do the trick, and can help get you wins and out of a slump.
  • Be positive and truly BELIEVE that you will get out of the slump and wins will come again!