Pura Vida House is a great place to stay at if you want to combine your adventure trip to Guanacaste, Costa Rica with some white water rafting!  Our favorite spots to take our guests is either the Tenorio River or the Colorado River, both located in Guanacaste.  We recommend the Tenorio River to more experienced rafters that want to make a day trip out of white water rafting.  It’s located about two and a half hours from Pura Vida House and offers, depending on the season, class II, III, IV and V rapids.  It’s very scenic and while you do the rapids, you can see beautiful Tenorio Volcano from the distance.  That plus great wildlife, including  toucans diving across the water while you raft!

2011-07-17 04.25.25Our favorite spot though, is the Colorado River.  It’s located only an hour away from Pura Vida House and it offers class II and III rapids during the Costa Rican summer.  It’s a trip that our guests can do in half a day, and in the same place where they do the rapids, you can also do rappelling, zip lines, and at the end of the activities, you get to go in a natural spa that’s laid out beautifully right next to the Colorado River, and try out their volcanic mud baths that are great for your skin, and then jump in one of the natural pools that forms in the Colorado River to wash everything off!  The spa offers a steam room and sauna, as well as two  mini pools, one is warm and the other one is cold, so when you arrive, you first go into the steam room or sauna to open up your pores, then you go in the cold/hot pools, and then you apply the volcanic mud to your skin to complete the treatment.  Needless to say, this is one of the favorite activities that most of our guests like to do; it’s very fun, relaxing, and great for your skin!  Here’s a cool photo of our guests enjoying the white water rafting at the Colorado River … hang on, hee hee!

So long from Pura Vida House, Guanacaste!  Jorge and Stephanie Morera

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