Langosta BeachEarlier this year I posted a blog called Life is Too Short to be Anything but Happy ( I am not a happiness expert, not even close, but last year I was sitting on the terrace at Pura Vida House and somehow got the urge to write about happiness, and that blog is what came to my mind that day. I’m a pretty happy person though; I have been incredibly lucky in life, so writing about happiness was easy.

My goal in writing about happiness is that it perhaps might help someone. Some of my goals besides trying to enjoy every day as much as possible are travelling, having a good time doing things that I love to do like playing tennis and golf, and trying to create passive income to hopefully not have to work until I’m very old, and thus have more time to share fun activities with all the great people in my life, while I’m still young’ish.

Travelling is big, I get so excited with just the idea of booking a new trip. And the months/weeks leading to a trip, I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas. Can’t wait to explore a new country, a new region, meet new people, eat new foods, and share new experiences.

Having a good time is thankfully easy for me. I can have a good time doing many things, watching a movie, playing tennis, golf, jogging, talking to someone, “working” at Pura Vida House, the list goes on and on. I like to wake up everyday by saying the following words: this is going to be a great day, make it count! This helps set up a good vibe early, and keep it going throughout the day. Why would I complain when I know that millions of people around the world are not as lucky as I am?? No reason to complain.

Creating passive income is something that a friend of mine mentioned once to me, and stuck in my head. I never thought much about the future until that point, But that turned around the way I had thought until that point. Since then, and with lots of sacrifices, we have thankfully been able to take steps towards creating this for ourselves so that we can enjoy our lives later on and have the time and means to give back to our communities and others. Thinking this way has helped me think more about the future, to take action, to plan to the future, and feel accomplished for doing so.

Keep on enjoying life, days go by slowly but years go fast, have a good time, help others as much as you can, and don’t forget to smile, makes a big difference!

Pura vida!
Jorge Morera
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