The local community where Pura Vida House is located at is called Paso Hondo.  It is roughly eight miles from some of the most exclusive beaches in the world, yet its residents rarely ever see the ocean.  Paso Hondo has an approximate population of 800 people, and each adult there makes an average of less than $2,000 per year.  You would think that based on their income this would be a sad place, but it is quite the opposite.  They live simple lives and are incredibly happy.
Everyone you see walking around (or riding on their horse!) has a big smile on their face and will always greet you promptly.  And when you visit their house, you will leave with a big basket of fruits that they hand-picked from their back yard, and bread that they made fresh that same morning.  They do not have much, yet they will give you as much as they can.  I think they have figured out a lot about life and happiness that sometimes feels lacking in our big city societies back home.
My wife and I have been living half the year at our Pura Vida House in Costa Rica for two seasons now, and we have learned so much from the people at Paso Hondo.  We have learned that more money does not equal happiness; that complaining about little things is a waste of time (even though we still do so at times!); that the best things in life really are free (think photo-worthy sunsets night after night);  and that having a smile on your face goes a long way in making your day, and everyone’s day around you, better.
National Geographic and other media outlets have actually recognized this area of Guanacaste, for years as one of the lifespan longevity hotspots of the world.  This means that those born and raised here, on average, live longer than the majority of people in the world.  Average age in this part of Guanacaste, Costa Rica is 89, that beats the US average by 14 years!

Warmest Regards from the Golden Coast!

-Mani & Sindy

COVID-19 UPDATE: Seeking a Getaway to the Golden Coast? Starting in September, Costa Rica is re-opening its borders to several US states. Click here to see if your state is included!