Pickleball vacations, yoga vacations, tennis vacations, golf vacations, nature adventure vacations in Costa Rica … we have them all!

Pura Vida House hosts many groups, and each one brings such positive energy to our villa … every week is memorable!

Lola's Avellanas Luxury Costa Rica Vacations with Pura Vida HouseThe positive energy that each group brings and the passion for the sport or activity they are coming to practice in Costa Rica is the single most rewarding aspect in what we do as beach villa rental hosts.  It’s the reason why we do this, and why we love what we do!  We have the honor of meeting awesome people every week, calling them our friends many times by the end of the week, and having the opportunity to learn things from so many personality types.  The one thing everyone has in common though, is their high spirits for being on vacation in a tropical paradise like Costa Rica, and the passion for the activity they love.

Our pickleball trips and pickleball camps are very fun, players love to play pickleball and every day pretty much will spend 2 to 5 hours playing, first with the instructor a few hours, and then open play after that.  It’s not surprising that pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world when you see how engaged players are, wanting to play non-stop until everyone is too tired to play, and then repeating the next day!

Check out all details about our pickleball vacations and pickleball camps here: www.thepuravidahouse.com/tennis-vacations-costa-rica

Luxury Costa Rica Tennis Vacations with Pura Vida HouseOur tennis vacations and tennis camps are similar to pickleball weeks, everyone loves to play daily. We’ll start the day with 2 hours of instruction, full of drills and live ball games, and then everyone will head over to the Beach Club for food and drinks, and of course, watching a beautiful sunset right at 6pm!

Check out all details about our tennis vacations and tennis camps here: www.thepuravidahouse.com/tennis-vacations-costa-rica

Our yoga vacations and yoga retreats in Costa Rica are wonderful.  Everyone is always feeling great inside and out from relaxing yoga sessions pool side or ocean side.  It’s wonderful to see what an hour or two a day of yoga can do to people, relax their mind and bodies, and make them feel young and energized.  And of course there’s plenty of time to enjoy the Beach Club, 3 beaches inside our resort, and all the nature adventure activities that Costa Rica has to offer!

Yoga, Tamarindo Luxury Costa Rica Vacations with Pura Vida HouseCheck out all the details about our yoga vacations and yoga retreats here: www.thepuravidahouse.com/yoga-costa-rica

And finally our golf vacations and golf camps in Costa Rica, always a blast!  We’ll start the day with a nice healthy breakfast at the villa and then head out to the Hacienda Pinilla Golf Course for 18 holes of play.  There will be of course some friendly and low wager handicapped betting games and plenty of trash talk and teasing, he he! And after golf is over, everyone will head to the Beach Club for relaxation time, get a massage at one of the resort’s spas, or take a tour or excursion to a waterfall, rainforest, hiking spot, volcano, hot spring, or other natural place around our resort, to enjoy what Costa Rica is known for internationally!

Check out all the details about our golf vacations and golf trips in Costa Rica here: www.thepuravidahouse.com/costa-rica-golf-courses

Please come to Pura Vida House for a memorable vacation in Costa Rica, we the owners, Jorge and Stephanie Morera, will do everything we can to make sure you leave Costa Rica with a big smile on your face and a mind full of wonderful memories!  And hopefully with 2 new friends as well!!! We’d be very honored to host you!!!

Costa Rica luxury vacations at Pura Vida House:  www.PuraVidaHouse.com