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There are many options for a vacation in Costa Rica, one of the world’s Blue Zones, where people live the longest and happiest on the planet. Costa Rica was just named by National Geographic as the happiest place on Earth!

Having been in the vacation rental area for 6 years now hosting guests from around the globe at our Pura Vida House in Guanacaste, we’ve seen that what makes a vacation truly special is not all the luxury and 5-star amenities (yes, this is very important!), but rather the people that you meet and spend time with when you’re away from home in another country. When you are received with a warm smile, and people that want to do anything they can to make your vacation special, this makes a big difference!

Not only while traveling but in almost any circumstance we face in our lives, making a connection with another person is always remembered. Being able to have a nice conversation, to laugh together, to find things in common even if you don’t speak the same language, that’s special.

We need to remember, especially nowadays with a rapidly changing and many times dangerous world, that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet, we’re all trying to find happiness and take care of our family and loved ones, so it’s good to give anyone we meet the benefit of the doubt, and believe that they have good intentions towards us and other people.

Looking back, we are so incredibly thankful to each guest that picked us at Pura Vida House to spend their vacation. We know there’s many choices for vacation rentals in Costa Rica and Guanacaste, so it’s greatly appreciated that they picked us to spend their valuable days of rest. We take this responsibility very seriously and try to host guests with love and compassion, as if we were hosting family.

Costa Rica is a very small spot on the map, but our country has a big heart, warm people ready to serve, warm year-round weather as well, and lots of plant and animal biodiversity.

Pura vida, and Happy Holidays wherever you may be!!!

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