Costa Rica Villa Owner’s Chronicles: Post 1; This Year’s Garden Additions

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our property and guest experience. One aspect of that is the garden.

Despite the fact we live in the most arid part of Costa Rica, with seasonal dry spells lasting up to five months, we love to see green, tropical feeling landscaping with flowers, palms and color. Each year we try to improve the garden by reducing water-use to be sensitive to the delicate water sources of our area, as we as maintaining and improving the look and interest of the landscaping.

Local knowledge, plus trial and error lead us down different path in terms of landscaping for look, food/fruit trees, color and tropical feeling palms.

Now that the rains have started for the season and the ground is soft and ready to take more water and plants, we’re ready to get some new plants in next week! Here is a list of the additional plants and trees we’ve ordered to add this month.