Living the Pura Vida Way of Life

What is the pura vida way of life? Simply put, it is the power of positivity, the secret to happiness, and a generally optimistic way to treat people and live your life.

Giant Sea Turtle in Costa RicaWhat is the “pura vida way of life”? Pura Vida, in Spanish, literally translates to pure life. But the meaning of these two little words, when put together, is exponentially more powerful.

Life, for most of us, is lived at a pretty fast pace these days. Long commutes, work, kids, family, friends, all kinds of pastimes and commitments to fit into our shrinking down-time. Not all of these things are bad, but put together, they crowd-out the things that matter to us most, the things we wish we could spend more time doing, and the things that truly make us feel and live in the moment and make us happy.

Pura Vida Way of LifeDown in Costa Rica, and especially in Guanacaste, we’re learning to live the Pura Vida way of life a bit better, really freeing ourselves up to focus on the important things. And while it’s impossible to completely rid our lives of clutter (life certainly isn’t always so simple) we can take that mentality to have a better attitude towards the little things and not worry so much about things that don’t matter, or that we can’t control.

Slow driver in front of you driving you crazy? Pura Vida. At least you’re here, healthy enough to be driving, and have the blessing to own a car.  Out to dinner with friends and the salad you ordered is a little bland? Pura Vida, you’ve got friends and food and time to spend an evening with good company.

Pura Vida Way of LifeWe have been blessed enough to be down in Costa Rica running our Pura Vida House, spending time down here and in Ohio with our families, and plenty of time to spend together. We learn a lot about the pace of life of our neighbors down here who live so happily with so much less than we were lucky enough to be brought up with.

And while life certainly is simplified for us when we’re down here, we try to take these lessons and state of mind with us wherever we go, whatever is happening.

Come spend your vacation in Costa Rica with us at Pura Vida House, and we’ll show you what we mean about Costa Rica and living the Pura Vida way of life. And hopefully you can take a little of that back home with you to help get you through the hustle and bustle of life.

It’s tough to find your way in life sometimes, but here’s to finding the path you are meant to follow. Pura Vida!