When people hear the term “rainy season”, they picture cloudy days and nights, torrential downpours, mudslides, and floods, but the Costa Rica rainy season varies from coast to coast and inland to coastal locations. The real Costa Rica weather during rainy season may not be as bad as you think.

May through November is considered rainy season, or green season, in Costa Rica. But don’t let the word “rainy” fool you. Sometimes it’s the only time of year you’ll see rain, especially in the tropical dry forest in the province of Guanacaste. Here, it can go months without so much as a drop of moisture, but that’s in the dry season, which is December to June.

Costa Rica rainy season, or green season, is the best time to see the Pacific Coast in Guanacaste looking lush and green. Visiting the tropical dry forest during the green season will give you that jungle vibe you have likely been dreaming of since you started planning your Costa Rica vacation.

While October is the rainiest of the rainy season months, you won’t be subjected to all-day rains like you the online weather forecast would have you believe. More often than not you will have a sunny day with some clouds and a short downpour in the late afternoon or evening. The ground tends to dry up quickly due to the heat so you won’t have to worry about everything being wet all night or when you wake up.

We think visiting Pura Vida House during the rainy season is, quite possibly, the best time to visit. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a trip during green season:


You have it Made in the Shade


Once you feel the heat of the day along the Guanacaste coast, you’ll discover the joy of an overcast day in Costa Rica. You can spend the entire day outside at a comfortable temperature without having to seek out a shady spot. A cloudy day is the perfect time to spend outdoors playing a round of golf, tennis or pickleball, touring the mountains and beaches on an ATV, or getting out on the water without having to worry about being overwhelmed by the heat or dealing with a bad sun burn. Mid-afternoon during a cloudy day will only get as high as 28 degrees Celsius (82 F), which is much easier to cope with than the dry season afternoons.

The daytime high during the dry season in nearby beach town Tamarindo is typically 34 degrees Celsius (93 F). An afternoon during the rainy season can be as low as 25 degrees (77 F), especially after a quick, refreshing downpour. So, don’t let those online forecasts fool you, the real Costa Rica weather during rainy season does not mean a full day of rain. In reality, you will usually have a short rain in the morning or late afternoon, and it may clear up a bit just in time for a spectacular Costa Rican sunset.


The Sunsets are Phenomenal


They say cloudy skies make for the best sunsets, and it couldn’t be truer than in Costa Rica. Often times during the dry season, the sky remains cloudless all day. Not only does this mean there are no breaks from the hot sun, but the sunsets don’t have anything to reflect their colorful hues. During the rainy season, the clouds paint the sky with shades of violet, magenta, and orange, giving you the most colorful and magical sunsets of the year.

Sunset is a sacred time in Costa Rica. A time when people stop what they’re doing and come together to meet on the beach or get together for drinks with an expansive vantage point for viewing the sea and sky. You’ll find there are lots of places that cater to the sunset seekers here, with the Beach Club at Hacienda Pinilla being a luxurious yet causal choice. One of the main perks of vacationing in The Pura Vida House is free and full unlimited access to the Beach Club, with direct beach access to famous Playa Avellanas and Playa Langosta beaches, located within the gated-community of Hacienda Pinilla where The Pura Vida House is located. Whether you want to dress up and drink wine or sip cocktails at the Tiki bar poolside, you’ll find the atmosphere blends in nicely with the watercolor skies and sound of the crashing waves. Plus you’re still only a few steps from a true sunset at the beach with beautiful Playa Avellanas directly out front of the club.


Discover a True Escape from Civilization


If you come for the Costa Rica rainy season, you’ll discover less people visit the country during these green months. Even though this can be the most beautiful time of the year to visit due to the lush greenery, most people take a beach vacation to escape the cold weather back home, making December to May the busy (or high) season in Costa Rica. The beaches and restaurants won’t be as crowded during rainy season and you’ll find it easier to book tours and charter boats for the dates you desire. You may even come across rainy season, or low season, price breaks!

Costa Rica rainy season tends to get a bad reputation, as people hear “rain” and assume they will be stuck indoors with their holiday plans ruined. But in reality, a typical day in the rainy season starts off hot and sunny and then, if it does rain, it will cloud up around 2 to 3 pm and rain for a couple hours until it clears up again just in time for sunset at 5 to 6 pm. While there are days when it might rain more, there are also days when it won’t rain at all, especially in July. The only months where it may rain once every day are September and October and even these months will see full days of sun.

Rainy season is also perfect for nature lovers who will be thrilled by the variety of animal and plant species that will emerge. With trees turning green and flowers in bloom, the rains turn the dry season’s bleak countryside into a picturesque paradise. Rainy season is especially ideal for whale watching and turtle nesting tours, as this is the prime time when these creatures migrate to Costa Rica.

Rainy or dry, there is no “bad time” to visit a place like Costa Rica!

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Blog by: Jennifer LaCharite – Costa Consultants, International