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There’s a reason yoga vacations in Costa Rica are so popular, and why this country lends itself so well to mind and body wellness.

Yoga Vacations in Costa RicaWhat would you imagine if I told you to picture what yoga vacations in Costa Rica would look like? Open-air studios in front of the vast Pacific? The soothing and gentile sounds of waves rolling in and out during your practice? Shorebirds singing their tropical trills in the distance, joyfully soaring back and forth from palm trees to beach almond and back?

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These are a daily part of yoga here at Pura Vida House in the country’s northwest, and why yoga vacations in Costa Rica are so popular with North Americans.

To us, there is something so primal and ancient about practicing yoga so close to, and in nature and the ocean — it seems easier to forget about our daily routine and goings-on, and really focus on the moment, our minds and our bodies.

Yoga Vacations in Costa RicaAfter a session, we often find ourselves grabbing a ginger lemonade, or basil-pineapple smoothie and sitting in a lounge chair to take a reflective view off into the Pacific at the Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club. The main studio we use is on the second level, with views of the ocean and those shorebirds soaring around.

We’ve had many sessions interrupted, when we just can no longer stay in the moment of our yoga practice because a whale is jumping out front putting on a show for us, and we want to be in that moment watching the serenity and wonder of nature before us.

Yoga vacations at Pura Vida House are a great way to get to see and know a little more about the country than most yoga vacations in Costa Rica. We help arrange everything for you, and recommend places and activities that no trip here should be without. We will ensure you get the most out of your trip to Costa Rica, and that you don’t regret missing out on anything that you might be interested in.

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