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The best vacations playing pickleball in Costa Rica are at Pura Vida House, located within Hacienda Pinilla in Guanacaste. Our proven track record of 5-star rated vacations have now extended to pickleball vacations

We have been hosting many weeks of pickleball in Costa Rica at our villa, Pura Vida House, and have now realized that this sport is here to stay!  More and more, tennis players are converting to pickleball players, as well as athletes from all other sports.  Pickleball is a very fun sport, so we’re not surprised at all!Pickleball in Costa Rica

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That’s why we have put together what we believe to be the best pickleball vacation out there.  Think playing pickleball in Costa Rica, being surrounded by lush vegetation, white sand beaches, animals that literally come to the courts such a howler monkeys and colorful parrots, and to top it all off, the warm welcome from your hosts and the locals that put you at ease from the moment you meet them!

Our villa is located at Hacienda Pinilla, a 5-star resort with 3 private white sand beaches.  We’re located steps away from lighted tennis and pickleball courts surrounded by palm trees.  Every morning your delicious typical Costa Rican breakfast will be delivered to the villa, and at night a succulent dinner will be served for you and your pickleball loving friends to enjoy!

This is definitely not your typical private villa experience.  The villa hosts are friendly and knowledgeable in the Costa Rican history and surroundings; who also serve as guides and entertainment for the guests, greatly enriching the experience.

Included with the villa are two 4-person golf carts for you to enjoy and ride to the pickleball courts as well as countless resort amenities such as the Beach Club, JW Marriott, golf club, tennis club, equestrian center, market, 2 spas, 3 private beaches, or any of the 7 delicious restaurants.

Pickleball vacations at Pura Vida House, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica offer you many things. Plenty of pickleball instruction and play, luxury accommodations and activities, and plenty of adventure and exploration for those who would like to learn more about and explore the beautiful country of Costa Rica

Our pickleball courts are beautiful, in great shape and surrounded by lush palm trees.  They offer the convenience of lights, as our pickleball groups often do evening pickleball socials, mixing exercise with a little wine or cocktails, pura vida times indeed!

It’s not all pickleball in our Costa Rica vacations.  We offer our groups lots of other tours and excursions available around our resort/villa, and our drivers/guides/naturalists offer door to door service for all activities, making it very convenient for everyone.  Since you can’t come to Costa Rica and not see waterfalls, the rainforest, snorkel, hike, volcanic mud baths, volcanoes, hot springs, sloths, toucans, kayak, poison dart frogs, and lots of other things that make Costa Rica a natural paradise.

To all pickleball players who want to come to Costa Rica, please contact us, and we’ll send you all the information you need to go on the Costa Rica pickleball vacation of your life!  Please call us at 614.600.1904 (US Phone), or e-mail us at info@ThePuraVidaHouse.com.  We usually respond within a few hours.

Pickleball in Costa Rica … see what a quick boost of Costa Rica magic can do for your game and personal experience!

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