Upcoming Year of Tennis at Hacienda Pinilla

We’ve had a great time playing tennis this year at Hacienda Pinilla, here’s a little recap so far

International Tennis Trips Costa RicaWe’ve had a great time playing tennis this year at Hacienda Pinilla, from organized weeks of tennis clinics and play, to some local events the Pinilla pro’s put on for local residents. It’s safe to say the Hacienda Pinilla tennis courts have seen a lot of use since we got down here for the season last October!

We hosted a number of tennis groups to Pura Vida House last October, November and December. Most weeks we held clinics in the mornings, with a lot of fun to be had in the afternoons. We worked on double and singles strategy, as well as individual strokes and skills. All under the early Costa Rican summer sun and the shade of palms.

Then off to the Beach Club for some margaritas and relaxing. Others enjoyed some tours to see nearby national parks and attractions. And we were all treated to the wildlife of Hacienda Pinilla, monkeys, iguanas, tons of colorful tropical birds, armadillos, deer … we even saw wildcats two different times – a jaguarundi and an ocelot.

And then there were the great local events Hacienda Pinilla put on; tennis poker and a few local inter-club tournaments. These events were held in the evenings, and made for great camaraderie and fun. Possibly a few cervezas were shared afterwards on the courts! ;-)

Come down to Costa Rica and check out the best and most active tennis resort in the country, and stay with us at Pura Vida House to be sure you’re taken care of and don’t have to plan a thing while you’re on vacation, only time to enjoy!


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