Why a Pickleball Vacation is Better Than a Pickleball Cruise

Pickleball trips to Costa Rica are much better than a pickleball cruise – cramped sidelines, too few courts, not enough beach time, and lacking real fresh air and nature are some of the reasons pickleball cruises won’t offer you the completely fulfilling experience a Costa Rica pickleball vacation offers you.

Better than a pickleball cruise 3Pickleball trips to Costa Rica offer you a more rewarding and memorable experience than a pickleball cruise can offer. Pickleball cruises are becoming more popular, with major cruise lines including pickleball courts in their on-ship offerings.

But many of the pickleball cruise ships only offer one court. This may be great if only you and a handful of people onboard know what pickleball is, but for cruises crowded with groups of pickle ballers … take a number!


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Additionally, space on cruise ships is limited. And while many of the pickleball courts are standard size, clearance around the court for those wide angled shots is limited … watch out for the wall!

Better than a pickleball cruiseAnd where’s the fresh air and nature, the memory-making signs and experiences that you’ll cherish for a lifetime? Those can only be found in Costa Rica, where every second of your day you’re surrounded by rugged natural coastline, or rainforest, or simply relaxing in front of the great Pacific waves with a cocktail in hand, watching surfers surf in front of the sunset each night.

These, among many other experiences you’ll share in Costa Rica, are why we hope you’ll give Costa Rica a try. Your warm hosts will be there for you at any time to help plan your trip and ensure it runs smoothly. You won’t find a more personalized trip with more awarded experience and knowledge.

Better than a pickleball cruiseWe have several TripAdvisor travel awards, and our high-end villa currently holds a 5-star rating. You can trust us with your pickleball vacation to Costa Rica. Save the pickleball cruise for next year, and take the trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica.

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