If you are traveling with your surfboard, then Costa Rica is likely on your itinerary to catch the best waves in Central America. This guide explores the best surfing spots to visit on your next trip to Costa Rica.

As we are into the spring and coming summer months, many are planning their travels to enjoy what the Sun and Sand have to offer this year. Costa Rica sees tourists visiting year-round, and for many reasons of course! A coastal nation, Costa Rica offers culture, amazing food, volcanoes, colorful land and aquatic wildlife, numerous hiking trails, scenic views, sandy beaches, and of course its blue waters with the best waves for Surfing.

The country neighbors Nicaragua towards the north and Panama to the southeast, with the Caribbean Sea spanning across 185 miles over the northeastern coastline and the Pacific Ocean across 630 miles over the southwestern coastline.
This article discusses the best surfing spots in Costa Rica for surfers of all levels to help you make sure you plan some time to get off the beach and in the water during your next visit to CR!

The Best Surf Spots in Costa Rica

If you are new to the waves and looking for lessons, there are numerous surf guides that can show you the ropes along with some beginner waves that are fun to ride. If you are more advanced in your surfing career, then you will surely appreciate some of the best breaks that you can find.

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Whether you are coming in a small group or a large family gathering, Costa Rica can offer your group the best atmosphere, food and weather all for a very reasonable cost whether you are looking for standard hotels in the area or all-inclusive luxury villas like what we provide at The Pura Vida House.

Playa Grande

Located in the town of Tamarindo in the Guanacaste Province, Playa Grande is located north of Tamarindo.
This beach is quite a popular site where you will find lots of fellow beachgoers and surfers lined up to catch one of the many breaks. Good for surfers of all levels, you can find steady waves to powerful break peaks that can produce good and fast waves for those surfers looking to ride on the edge.

Visitors will find in the surrounding area of Playa Grande the Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas de Guanacaste, which has been important in preserving nesting areas for Leatherback Turtles. Be sure to sign up for the wonderful guided tour that is only conducted at night at this Park, which should be on everyone’s To-Do list.

Playa Tamarindo & Playa Longosta

Also located in the Guanacaste Province are these two surf spots. These Tamarindo beaches are the best of all worlds, and can be the perfect surfing destination if you are in a large group.

Playa Longosta is located about a 15-minute walk from Playa Tamarindo and the area offers a wide variety of hotels, shops and restaurants for your party to enjoy while you are looking out for your next break to catch.

Your group can also find other sought-after destination points close by like Playa Negra, Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point, which are also great surfing spots that provide desirable waves to surf. However, be warned that these spots are only for the Advanced level surfer.

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Some visitors enjoy the all-inclusive experience that venues like Witch’s Rock provides. This location is a hotel and tour company that operates together to provide a wide variety of services for its patrons. This includes food and beverage locations and options, surfing lessons as well as excursions to Ollie’s Point, a popular surfing destination.

Otherwise, this area of the country provides endless sunsets, long walks on the beach, more bars and restaurants than one can count, shops, spas and entertainment venues.

Some visitors even end up turning into short-term residents by taking advantage of the well-priced rental real estate making this part of the world their second home away from home. With the average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius year-round, you cannot argue that his is a surfer’s paradise.


The next surf spot to have on your list takes us to the beach town of Jacó. Located in the central Pacific and north of Dominical, this destination is quite popular with foreigners as it provides the most natural experiences that land, sand and water can provide while having all the modern amenities that visitors need.

This beach is most accessible to Costa Rica’s capital, San José, as it is the closest major beach to the city. As you would expect, the beach offers restaurants, bars all up and down the beach, and is considered a party hotspot for those looking for a good nightlife experience.

With recent real estate development, this beach town has transformed to appeal to a more family-friendly community, perfect for family vacations, as well with hotels and condominiums now operating with malls, proper medical facilities, and health clubs/gyms/spas.

In regards to the quality of surfing, polls say that the waves are quite consistent throughout the year. Beginners find it a desirable option to learn and improve their surfing skills here and there are quite a few surfing instructors and courses available here for avid fans and students.

Playa Avellanas

If you are the type of surfer that enjoys all the waves to yourself, then you will want to make your way over to “Little Hawaii” aka Playa Avellanas. Some say that this beach is quite overlooked, as surfers tend to flock to other more popular destinations. Nevertheless, many claim that this beach is possibly one of the best surfing options throughout all of Costa Rica. If you are looking for multiple options throughout Guanacaste, then include this beach for sure.

The nickname “Little Hawaii” was adopted because of the 16 ft. waves that occur during certain times of the year. It is these types of waves that attract some of the best surfers that are lucky enough to know about this hidden and low-key beach. Overall, Playa Avellanas has great waves year-round for surfers of all ages.

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We hope to see you out on the beach and catching those waves here with us. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about Costa Rica and our Vacation Rental Packages so we can ensure your stay here exceeds all expectations. See you soon!